This research site is maintained by the Research Committee of TESL Ontario (for more information about the Research Committee visit It is designed to introduce the membership to a selection of ESL-related resources easily accessible online. The focus is on the Canadian context but links to American and international sites are included as well. The list is divided into different categories: databases and websites, journals, and articles.
The articles are classified according to the following contexts: Canadian Multiculturalism, Language Policy and Teacher Education; Adult Education; and K-12.

TESL Ontario members are key participants in research. Read about the studies and the findings you helped build. 

Databases and Websites

Institute for Research on Public Policy.

ESL/ELD Resource Group of Ontario (ERGO)
Organization of ESL/ELD professionals across Ontario dedicated to the improvement and educational opportunities and practices for ELLs. Site includes access to Ministry ELL documents, ERGO and related documents.

CERIS The Ontario Metropolis Centre
Focuses on research related to the resettlement and integration of immigrants and refugees in Ontario

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) Network Variety of resources, including research studies, instructional curricula, classroom materials, and information on language acquisition.

National Clearinghouse for English Language Acquisition (NCELA)
Includes a broad range of research and resources pertaining to ESL instruction - US-based.

TESOL Linking Theory and Practice
Includes research papers and keynote presentations from well-known researchers in the field of TESL and Applied Linguistics.

Education Resources Information Center (ERIC)
Search for full text articles in education - Use Second Language Instruction, Second Language Learning, and Second Language Programs as Descriptors.

Adult Literacy Database

LINKAGES: Connecting Literacy and English as a Second Language
Discussion Paper: What do we know about the Connections between Literacy and English as a Second Language in Canada?

ATESL Framework

The ATESL Curriculum Framework is intended to be a supportive reference guide for effective curriculum development in a variety of adult ESL programs, both existing and new, throughout Alberta.

ESL Literacy Network

The ESL Literacy Network is an innovative website that responds to the needs of Learners with Interrupted Formal Education (LIFE) and addresses the professional development needs of ESL literacy practitioners in Alberta. This site, funded by the Government of Alberta, showcases comprehensive, research based information, resources and tools.


TESL Canada Journal
Refereed journal for ESL teachers, teacher educators, graduate students and researchers. Available online to individuals who are members of TESL Ontario.

Language and Literacy - A Canadian Educational - E- journal. Refereed journal with research articles, position papers, and reviews concerning language and literacy issues.

English Language Teaching (ELT)
Refereed journal with articles about English language teaching and education, theory, methodology and educational psychology in English language teaching.

The Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language (TESL EJ) Refereed journal containing research articles and book reviews.

The Internet TESL Journal Variety of articles, research papers, lessons and activities of practical use in the ESL/EFL classroom.

Journal of Writing Research
Refereed international journal with articles and review papers covering a broad spectrum of writing research.

The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal
Refereed international journal with articles exploring issues related to second language reading, literacy, learning and teaching.

Language Learning & Technology
Refereed journal disseminating research on issues related to technology and second language learning and teaching.

The following journals require a membership to access articles:
The Canadian Modern Language Review; Canadian Journal of Applied Linguistics; Canadian Journal of Linguistics; Journal of Second Language Writing; Journal of English for Academic Purposes: System; ELT Journal; TESOL Quarterly; Language Teaching Research.

Research Articles and Reports

 Canadian Multiculturalism, Language Policy and Teacher Education

Graham, K. (Ed). Our Diverse Cities: Ontario, Fall 2007.  A selection of articles dealing with immigrants in various regions of Ontario

Webster, N. & Valeo, A. (2011). Teacher preparedness for a changing demographic of language learners. TESL Canada Journal, 28(2).

ESL and Canadian Multiculturalism: Multilingual Intercultural Practices for the 21st Century, TESL Canada Journal, Special Issue 4, 2004.

Language Policy and Education in Canada 2007.

Unsettled: Legal and Policy Barriers for Newcomers to Canada. Community Foundations of Canada and the Law Commission of Canada (2006).

Critical literacies and language education: Global and local perspectives. Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, 25, 2005.

Second language teacher education in Canada: The development of professional standards. TESL-EJ 9(2) 2005

Buyer beware: Professional preparation and TESL certificate programs in Canada. TESL Canada Journal, 2004.

Making Ontario Home 2012: A Study of Settlement and Intefration Services for Immigrants and Refugees

Reflective practice in the professional development of teachers of adult English language learners. October 2008 CAELA Network Brief

Adult Education

Promoting Learner Transitions to Postsecondary Education and Work:Developing Academic Readiness Skills From the Beginning. March 2010 CAEL Network Briefs

Literacy, ESL and Canadian Nation Building. Spring 2009 Literacy Journal

The contestation of citizenship education at three stages of the LINC 4 & 5 curriculum guidelines: Production, reception, and implementation. TESL Canada Journal, 24(1), 2006.

Anglophone, Peewee, Two four ... are Canadianisms acquired by ESL learners in Canada? TESL Canada Journal, 26(1), 2008.


Meetings without dialogue: A study of ESL parent-teacher interactions at secondary school parents' nights. The School Community Journal Spring 2010.

Hidden losses: How demographics can encourage incorrect assumptions about ESL high school students' success. The Alberta Journal of Educational Research, 54(2) 2008.

Examining Students' After-School Literacy Activities and Their Literacy Performance on the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test

Variability in ESL outcomes: The influence of age on arrival and length of residence on achievement in high school. TESL Canada Journal 26(1), 2008.

Caring for Canada's Children webcasts from Frameline Productions: See the Challenges of Cultural and Geographic Dislocation

Planning and Policy: Initiatives, Reports and Statements

TESL Ontario Position Paper on the Adult Education Review in Ontario.
Prepared by: Shailja Verma, Past President